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Nasunin is high on the list of potent antioxidants. In this capacity it helps to neutralize free radicals, making it an excellent anti-aging phytonutrient. Nasunin has many additional health benefits. It has antiangiogenic properties which help it to fight cancer by restricting the growth of new blood vessels. It also helps keep blood vessels clear and relaxed.

Healthy Eggplant loaded with Nasunin

Biologically, nasunin functions by scavenging excess iron in the body and thereby preventing a free radical chain reaction that damages cells. In this way it is protective of brain cells and other parts of the nervous system.

The most prominent natural source of nasunin is in the skin of eggplants. It was first isolated from the plant in 1933. This is what gives eggplant fruits the dark purplish-blue coloration. In eggplants it functions to protect the plant from environmental damage, especially from the sun.

Currently, nasunin is not found in any commercially available supplements. However, because of its amazing properties nasunin supplementation will likely be available in the form of capsules in the near future.

For the average healthy person nasunin is perfectly safe, especially in the quantities consumed from eating eggplants. Even so, because of its antiangiogenic properties nasunin may have a side-effect for pregnant women in that it may restrict the growth of fetuses.

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