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The website is a product of InDepthInfo. The author is W.J. Rayment who has extensive writing experience in the field of health and nutrition. The site was originally conceived after our staff made an investigation into the subject of eggplants. We were amazed at the properties nasunin exhibited, and yet the substance remains relatively unknown especially compared to a similar antioxidant called resveratrol. It became our object to create a comprehensive website, accessible to the layman, that would inform and motivate.

In this site, we have attempted to lay out both the good and the bad of nasunin. It is indeed an amazing phytonutrient. However, as we note in our article on its side-effects, it can pose a problem for a few groups.

In the course of our research on the subject, we found a relative dearth of hard scientific data. However, this is changing as people become more aware. We encourage readers to let us know if we have made any errors on this site, or new data comes to light. We can be contacted using the "contact us" link at the bottom of every page.

This site may accept advertising in the form of image ads. Contact us with any proposals.

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