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Side-Effects of Nasunin

Nasunin has not been extensively tested. There are thousands if not millions of compounds in our food that we eat every day. It will be years before we know the full effects of even the major ones. Nevertheless, we do know enough about nasunin to make some general assumptions about it.

Most importantly, the average person consuming nasunin in the form of eggplants (even in fairly large quantities) is not likely to exhibit any negative side-effects. However, it may have effects for specific people. The antiangiogenic property of nasunin means that it suppresses the development of new blood vessels. Since the average person does not need to develop new blood vessels this is more a benefit than a problem. However, the development of children and fetuses do require new blood vessels. This means that young children and pregnant mothers should avoid consuming eggplant skins in significant quantities. What these quantities might be has not yet been determined by experimentation.

The iron chelating qualities which create a very beneficial antioxidant effect and scavenge excess iron from the body, might also scavenge too much iron for the good of people who need to make blood, which includes women in menstruation and anyone who suffers from frequent nosebleeds or other conditions where blood is taken from the body in large quantities. In fact, it might be a good idea to avoid consuming nasunin within a short period of giving blood.

Much of the assumed side-effects of nasunin are merely conjecture at this point. Even so, it should be assumed that even something as beneficial to the body as nasunin must have disagreeable effects in large quantities. As a comparison, salt is absolutely essential for the body's survival. Nevertheless, salt in high quantities will cause dehydration and in some people high-blood pressure. The best way to consume nasunin is in moderate quantities and as part of a balanced diet.

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